The REDI Approach to  Custom Course Design and Delivery for Municipalities


Established in 2002, the Real Estate Development Institute (REDI) specializes in delivering a wide variety of innovative and engaging educational programs for those interested in learning about the various aspects of the Real Estate, Building and Development Industry in Alberta.  The Company was founded by a respected group of individuals with backgrounds in academia, real estate development and municipal administration.


REDI designs Courses that address the unique needs of our Clients and obtains the support of Senior Industry Players in delivering them.  In doing so, REDI works with Clients to understand their needs and then seeks professionals from the Real Estate Industry to deliver the courses.  


Since 2012 REDI has successfully designed and delivered customized programs to municipal organizations including the Cities of Calgary and Edmonton.  



REDI’s approach to educational programs is based on an active focus for our programs which emphasizes the involvement of professionals currently active in the industry and giving students direct exposure to active developments through guest speakers and site visits.   This is achieved by:

  1. Curriculum that gives students exposure to the day to day realities and experience of working or participating in real estate related activities. 
  2. Instructors who are senior practitioners currently working in the field.
  3. Guest Speakers who are industry experts willing to bring a variety of real life examples and stories to the classroom.
  4. Visits to active development projects. 




Example One:

REDI designed a unique course in response to a request from Senior Management in a major municipality for assistance in improving the working relationship between Municipal and Development Industry staff.  Development of this course involved three key steps:

  1. A survey of Municipal Planning Staff and selected Development Industry Staff to see how each group viewed a number of matters. This provided key learnings such as that Planners and Developers had a completely different understanding of the meaning of the words “short term.”

  2. A meeting with Planners to discuss what they wanted to achieve from such a course. The key responses were - how does a Developer conceive a project; what is involved in financing development; how to reconcile City Policy and Market realities and how does time impact a development.

  3. Gaining the support and commitment of Senior Development Industry players to deliver three, 12-hour modules during the business day.

This course has been delivered to over 90 Municipal Staff.  


REDI designed and delivered a two year in-house program for staff of a municipality involved in the development, marketing and sale of municipal land.  This included Planners, Project Managers, Sales and Acquisition staff, Appraisers and Administrative Personnel. 

The course was developed by:

  1. Surveying the staff with a list of all the programs offered by REDI in the University Real Estate Certificate Program and requesting them to rank their interest in each one, resulting in selection of four modules.

  2. Focus Groups helped determine the components of the individual modules to ensure that the curriculum addressed the unique requirements of a Municipal Department that is required to act as a “private” real estate developer.

  3. Developing alternate teaching schedules that reflect the unique needs of the municipal staff.


REDI recently designed and delivered a customized program at the request of the City of Edmonton’s Sustainable Development Department. The program provided department staff with a deeper understanding and perspective of the processes and challenges which developers face when bringing projects to life. 

This course involved:

Developing and executing an online survey for potential participants to gain a better understanding of their needs and allow REDI to deliver the appropriate course/program specifically designed and created to effectively meet their expectations.

The results of the survey focused on:

  • Assisting participants to gain a solid understanding of the economic and financial challenges and objectives of various forms of development

  • Providing detailed insights into the developer’s process for selecting site and project visioning

  • Discovering and exploring the differences and similarities between the perspectives of planners and developers

  • Communicating the developer's perspective regarding City policies, objectives and requirements and their impact on a project development

  • Determining methods, strategies and processes to achieve effective alignment between City and Developer

  • Understanding a developer’s project management challenges from conception to completion, and how City processes help or impede them

  • Gaining the support and commitment of qualified, respected, senior Edmonton industry leaders to deliver three, 12-hour modules as well as a full day seminar ”Achieving Successful Urban Densification.”

This course has been delivered to over 90 Municipal Staff.  

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