University of Calgary – Continuing Education

Real Estate Certificate Program


Real estate development requires expertise in management, finance, engineering, urban planning, design, project management and architecture.

The Certificate in Real Estate Development incorporates all of these disciplines. As a student in this program, you will gain insight into the development process for various types of properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial. You will learn from instructors who are academics and professionals with extensive real-life experience in this demanding field. Their local perspective on real estate development will provide you with a realistic and practical understanding of the complexities of real estate development in Calgary and beyond.

The courses focus on principles, as well as the specialized knowledge and skills required on a daily basis in the world of development. Classes provide hands-on experience through real-world simulations, case studies, and projects that give you a true sense of the workplace. Many courses require participants to work on team projects. This approach to class work simulates projects and activities in the workplace, and provides each member of the team with the opportunity to take responsibility for a critical component of a major project.

Continuing Education has been offering this program since 2004 and, like all University of Calgary certificates, it is a great way to build on your education and work experience.

You will learn with like-minded mature participants who pursue their professional development with passion and determination.

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Real Estate Development 2018/2019 Course Schedule


CPE 112-017 Real Estate Marketing – 04/10/18 – 05/15/18 – Instructor: Jason Hardy 

CPE 119-018 Real Estate Development and Finance – 04/19/18 – 05/24/18 – Instructor: Jason Jogia

CPE 111-013 Real Estate Law – 05/23/18 – 06/27/18 – Instructor: Robert Fooks

FALL 2018

CPE 206-007 Commercial Real Estate Development – 09/12/18 – 10/17/18 – Instructor: John Fisher

CPE 150-010 Sales Management and Strategies in Real Estate  -  09/19/18 – Final Class - Tues., 10/30/18 – Instructor: Sam Corea

CPE 141-011 Advance Finance and Corp Legal Structures – 10/11/18 –  11/15/18 – Instructor: Jason Jogia


CPE 118-018 Real Estate Development and the Planning Process – 01/15/19 – 02/19/19 – Instructor: Mary Axworthy

CPE 185-010 Mixed-Use Real Estate Development – 01/30/19 – 03/06/19 - Instructor: Ken Toews


CPE 111-014 Real Estate Law – 04/17/19 – 05/22/19 – Instructor: Robert Fooks

CPE 119-019 Real Estate Development and Finance – 04/11/19 – 05/16/19 – Instructor: Jason Jogia

CPE 112-018 Real Estate Marketing – 04/30/19 – 06/04/19 – Instructor: Emma MacKenzie